Public Appeals

Public Appeals will be advertised. Members of the public will have the opportunity to participate in the public hearing during the livestream via the chat window. Questions can also be submitted via e-mail to administration@newellmail.ca at least one day prior to the meeting. Click here to view more information on asking questions during the livestream meeting: Asking Questions During the Livestream

The regular procedures for Public Hearings are as follows:

  1. The Chairman calls the hearing to order.
  2. The Secretary states the purpose of the public hearing (e.g. Land Use Amendment – SW 1-2-3-4 from Agricultural to Country Residential).
  3. An Administrative staff member will provide a summary of the matter to be heard.
  4. The Chairman will state the procedures which must be followed:
    1. Any individual wishing to speak must first be recognized by the Chair.
    2. Once recognized, they MUST state their name before beginning their presentation.
    3. ALL statements will be directed to the Board.
    4. The Chairman will determine length of time applicants can speak.
    5. Anyone else speaking in favour will be given time a presentation, time is dependent on Chairman. Members of the public will be allowed to speak only once except to answer questions from the Board.
    6. The Board may ask questions of the applicant or speakers in favour.
    7. Members of the public opposed will be given time to present their case and provide a rebuttal to the presentation of the applicant and anyone else speaking in favour of the proposal. 
    8. The Board may ask questions of the public again.
    9. The applicant will be given time for a rebuttal.
    10. The public appeal is adjourned. The Board goes back into the regular meeting and may make their decision regarding the issue which required the hearing.

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